Tropical Plants

Our tropical plant growing partners in Spain have for many years been obtaining superb results in 100% coir prepared in our Spanish factory.

Because of the unique water retaining properties of coir, the results they get now are better than those obtained in the past with alternate media.

[ Photo opposite: Raúl Cabrera Graña shows excellent root growth in our 100% coir mix]

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About Us:

Horticultural Coir Ltd, working with our partners Green Neem, Harvel Cocopeat and Vel Coir factories, as part of Espafibrac group, have long been the leaders in terms of experience, R & D and technical excellence with over 20 years of study and research in the physical and chemical qualities of cocopeat and how to make the best-performing media.

Because of our experience and technical knowledge, we now produce many different outstanding products from fine mixes for seedlings and cuttings in small plugs through to mixes designed for 12 foot (3 metre) high trees in 500-litre pots.

Our Quality Promise

We maintain our quality control through constant testing in our labs,
ensuring you get the best yield from your COIR growing media.